Joni Haastrup

Joni Haastrup: The fact that there are still fans of Afro-rock from the 1970s would delight Joni Haastrup, a Buddhist devout who believes humility is a virtue. It would be difficult to believe that the Haastrup of ’70s was actually there. This was because the son of a Yoruban king was the vocalist on Orlando Julius Ekemode‚Äôs seminal Super Afro Soul LP. Many consider this to be the birthplace for Afrobeat music (the band also featured a certain Fela Ransomekuti on trumpet). Haastrup, who was also known as “Soul Brother Number One” in the West African music scene by the 1970s, was a household name. Ginger Baker handpicked Haastrup to tour Europe in 1971 with the Air Force band. He returned to Nigeria in 1972 to form the genre-defying MonoMono. Two nuanced LPs were released by the group in 1972 and 1974, which have been regarded as essentials for any Nigerian collection. When an original copy is made, it can fetch hundreds of dollars. In 1978, Haastrup released Wake Up Your Mind. It’s a stunningly soulful, groovy, and lyrically-inspiring LP. There is an easy way to get acquainted with Joni Haastrup’s finest creations, and without breaking the bank. Soundway Records and Tummy Touch have teamed up to reissue Joni’s Solo Album Wake Up Your Mind. from

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