Jordan Pettay

Jordan Pettay, a jazz saxophonist and composer, is an educator. Jordan Pettay is instantly recognisable for her unique and spiritual sound. She has worked with many of the top jazz musicians around, including Christian McBride and Herbie Hancock. She currently resides in New York City and is a freelance artist, teacher, and leader of the Jordan Pettay Quartet. First Fruit is her debut album. It features a mix of gospel and jazz influences. Jordan was influenced early on by the jazz recordings of Duke Ellington and Charlie Parker as a child in Ft. Worth. She also listened to gospel music as a teenager. Jordan sought to achieve the same musical depth as jazz masters, while keeping the sacred and raw feeling of the church. Jordan was a high school student at Booker T. Washington Performing Arts High School, Dallas. In 2008, she received a full scholarship to The Juilliard School, New York City. Jordan received mentorship from legendary New York saxophonists Ron Blake, Steve Wilson, and was able to travel the world as a performer and guest clinician while at Juilliard. In 2014, she received her Master’s degree. She now resides in Harlem’s Sugar Hill neighborhood. From

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