José Dias

JOSE DIAS is a part of the new generation of Portuguese contemporary jazz. He plays guitar, composition, and research. He has performed with many jazz, pop and world music musicians. Now he performs mainly with his quartet or trio. Dias performed in Lisbon with David Murray on July 2012. He released two albums in 2013: “360” (Sintoma Records] and “Magenta”. 2016]. Dias is a composer and has composed music for many plays, dance performances, and animated films. His music is heavily inspired by literature and the visual arts. His projects depart from jazz’s traditional language and focus on the interaction between contemporary sound universes. Experimentation is a key element. Jose Dias is an associate researcher in Institute of Ethnomusicology, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He has conducted research on jazz education and European jazz networks. His PhD was about the relationship between jazz practices and European cultural identities. Dias was a result of his research and has been named delegate to the 12 Points jazz festival. from

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