Josephine Davies

For Josephine Davies’s Satori check Satori. Josephine Davies is an artist in the forefront of UK’s contemporary music scene. She pushes the boundaries of jazz with her main artistic project Satori. A sax/bass/drums trio that focuses on extended, collaborative improvisation, Satori defies categorization. Instead of shifting deftly through different imaginative soundscapes depending on where the musicians’ shared inspiration takes her, she shifts deftly and dynamically through them. This project combines her desire for freedom and her love of Japanese philosophy and lifestyle. Josephine is originally from the Shetland Islands, but now lives in London, UK. Her writing and playing continue to have a Nordic influence, particularly in her use traditional folk music elements and her haunting tone, which reminds me of Bobby Wellins, the great Scottish tenor. She is a saxophonist who is well-known for her unique style, melodic focus, versatility, and unique style. from

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