Josh Kemp

Josh Kemp, Saxophonist/Composer, is equally impressive in jazz standards and presents his original compositions. He has completed major UK tours in 2014/2015, and won many accolades for his fluid improvising style as well as his attractive compositions. Josh has a unique playing style that combines melodic inventiveness with a rich tone, and a lyrical style. He is a frequent performer at Jazz Clubs across the UK. Recent performances include Ronnie Scott’s, London Jazz Festival, and others. The Josh Kemp Hammond Organ Band’s ‘Rare Groove CD 2015’ features Steve Fishwick on Trumpet and Ross Stanley/Mike Gorman, Hammond Organ player, and Chris Higginbottom drummer. The Jazz Prophets (‘Tone Poetry’ CD 2014) – Tim Lapthorn on Piano and Mick Hutton on Double bass, with Matt Skelton on drums. Robin Aspland plays piano, Simon Thorpe plays double bass and Paul Caviaciuti plays drums in the Josh Kemp Standards Quartet. The E17 Large Ensemble also has Robin Aspland on Piano, Simon Thorpe on Double Bass and Paul Caviaciuti on Drums. Josh endorses Jody Jazz mouthpieces. From

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