Joshua Catania

Joshua Catania, an 18-year old pianist and phenom in Milwaukee’s music scene, presents a collection of memorable character pieces on his debut album, Open to Now. Catania has been writing music and playing piano for more than a decade. In recent years, Catania has also collaborated with Chicago and Milwaukee musicians as a sideman. This is Catania’s first release under his own name. Catania’s unique style of improvising and composing is what has made him a master of the piano. Catania has taken a musical journey that is guided by his desire for honesty and self-discovery. Catania, along with some of the best musicians in the area, has taken on the challenge to find and explore the inspiration in his everyday life. It is amazing. Catania draws inspiration from Carla Bley’s elusive self-expression, Johann Sebastian Bach’s nuanced melodicism, and the free-spirited improvisations of Bud Powell, Andrew Hill and Paul Bley in his Open To Now work. Catania’s compositions, improvisations, and performances pay tribute to these great artists and their dedication to the delicate beauty and moment. In a musical convergence of musical minds, Catania is joined by Dave Miller, John Christensen (Madison bassist), and Devin Drobka (Milwaukee drummer). Music is both about composition and improvisation. In Catania’s musical world, the improviser as well as the listener can truly live together. Catania, despite his age, has been active in Milwaukee’s music scene for many years. He learned and performed with some of the best musicians in the area, including Russ Johnson and George Fludas. Catania has also performed at the Newport Jazz Festival, and Litchfield Jazz Festival. Catania’s music also took him to Uruguay and Argentina, where he performed as a member of the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra’s South American tour. Catania was awarded honors by the National YoungArts Foundation for Jazz Piano and Jazz Composition in the past two years. Catania will be attending Michigan University this fall. Open To Now is an inspiring musical statement about what it means to awaken in the world. It is a remarkable debut by an artist whose career will reach extraordinary heights. from

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