Jozef Dumoulin

Jozef Dumoulin was described as “one of the most innovative pioneers of his genre”, “a pianist wizard”, “a keyboard magician”, and “a Fender Rhodes expert”. His music was described by the press as “dreams about songs and music about dreams”, “a kind of journey through today’s music that recalls yesterday’s music and wants to reach the future”, and “a delicate mixture of emotion and experimentation”. Dumoulin’s ability to keep his own voice in any musical context is a hallmark of his musicianship. Jozef Dumoulin was born in 1975 in Ingelmunster in the deep Belgian countryside. He was immediately attracted to sound and music from an early age, playing around with the piano at home. He took classes in organ, clavichord and harmony throughout his childhood and teenage years. At the age of 16, he became interested in jazz and spent hours at the library looking for records. He also zapped the TV at night to try and find live jazz. He studied psychology at high school for two years before deciding to attend the Brussels Conservatory, where he was coached by Nathalie Loriers and Dierik Wissels. He also studied with John Taylor for two years at Cologne’s Musikhochschule. Dumoulin is a musician who loves pies. He was a pianist in his early days. This is the reason he still treasures the instrument. He also developed his own sound using the Fender Rhodes and electronics. Using this setup, he joined forces to a number of other formations (such the Magic Malik Orchestra and Reggie Washington Trio Tree), Octurn, Dre Pallemaerts Group, Othin Spake and Benzine, Narcissus Quartet while still finding time for other enriching get-togethers such as Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Toots Thielemans. Aka Moon, Belmondo Brothers, David Lynx, …).). He recorded and shared the stage with Mark Turner and Bill Carothers, Skoota Warner and Skoota Carpenter, Jaime Torres and Skoota Warren, Skoota Werner, Skoota Wagner, Trevor Dunn and Daniel Humair. Seshagopalan and Rick Margitza are just a few of the many. Jozef Dumoulin moved from Paris to Paris in 2006. He soon became more involved and interested in creating his own music. His goal was to create a home for his unique sound and style and to interpret all the different musical styles that he had been able to practice with many bands. Two albums were released by him on the Bee Jazz label in the last few years: “Trees Are Always Right” with Lidlboj’s belgian band, and “Rainbow Body”, with Eric Thielemans (drums) and Trevor Dunn (bass). Both CD’s were highly acclaimed. The end of 2013 will see the release of a solo Fender Rhodes album. This will be the first solo Rhodes album in music history. Two duos are ongoing projects, one with Lynn Cassiers and the other with Nelson Veras. Jozef Dumoulin also co-composed music for a quartet CD with Jerome Sabbagh, and for a double CD with Octurn/Belgian M-base/Messiaen. He composed and performed the music for many movies. Jozef Dumoulin was a musician who performed around the world and can be heard on more than 50 records. from

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