The world collides when the Budapest-based power trio Ju (consisting fire-breathing guitarist Adam Meszaros and fuzz-bassist Erno Hoock) joins Oslo-based Kjetil Moster, a saxophonist on RareNoise Records for this subversive meeting. This powerful manifesto is for exploratory, ecstatic music that pushes the envelope. It was mixed by Bill Laswell, and mastered by Michael Fossenkemper. Ju Meets Moster bridges between free jazz and guitar-driven, distortion-laced hardcore rock. Ju, like the bastard offsprings of Mahavishnu and James Blood Ulmer, Peter Brotzmann, and The Magic Band takes us on a musical journey that would otherwise have been unexplored. You don’t have to be a musician or belong to a certain genre. This music is exhilarating, and sometimes gives the impression of strictness. The themes are energetically exposed in repetitive swirling pattern reminiscent of psychedelic/noise rock mixed with folk and power-jazz (but not the least bit retro). The members push their audiences forward by pushing the limits of their instruments. With their open, spirited approach and free improvisation, the band is able to open minds. They push each other to the limits and never allow the structure of the composition to collapse. Ju’s members are all accomplished players on the Budapest music scene. The members of Ju have performed with many Hungarian bands, as well as international musicians like Charles Gayle and Charles Chadbourne, Charles Gayle and Chris Potter. Their debut album will be released by RareNoise Records in November 2014. It was recorded with Norwegian saxophonist Kjetil Morer. Moster is well-known for his unique approach to jazz and rock instruments. He has performed with The Core, Gibrish, Gibrish, and BRAT. Additionally, he has been a member of Datarock and is currently on tour with Royksopp.

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