Jukka Eskola

Jukka Eskola, a Trumpet player and member of The Five Corners Quintet returns with “Walkover”, a stunning new album. This album finds Eskola in moods similar to those of the legendary label CTi decades ago. This is jazz in the present with a unique angle. Eskola has so far released two studio albums: the highly acclaimed “Jukka Eskola”, (2005), and “Hub Up,” (2006) in Japan, a tribute Jukka’s hero Freddie Hubbard. Both albums received great reviews and feedback. The Observer called our man “one the most talented trumpeters his generation”. The new album features Eskola’s fellow musicians, who are all among the best players on the Finnish jazz scene. They also award young instrumentalists with excellent prospects. Jukkis Uotila, however, has been playing piano for a while. Jukka Eskola’s latest material shows a remarkable sense for contemporary jazz democracy: a tight group with more than just individual skills, delivering songs filled with shared musical joy. Great jazz in 2009? Look no further. Ricky-Tick Records has “Walkover” and “Jova / Charge” out now. From myspace

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