Jukka Perko

Jukka Perko, a saxophonist born 1968, was just a teenager when he made his way into the hearts and minds of audiences at Pori Jazz Festival 1986. He was invited to join Dizzy Gillespie’s 70th Anniversary Big Band in the following year. Perko’s jazz rhythmics, free flow of ideas and jazz rhythms that have always defined his art are now complemented by traditional Finnish music. These include the powerful harmony of hymns or the tangos from Olavi Virta. Music is Jukka Perko’s definition of existence. Perko learned to play by mimicking and listening. Perko views music as an approach from the silence. He describes his approach to playing and writing as finding a balance between perfection and accepting incompatibility. Perko’s notes are ringing with grace, which is why some may call it grace. STUDIES – Sibelius Academy Jazz Department, Helsinki 1988-1995 Music School of Huittinen 1982-1987 AWARDS and PRICES – 1986 Pekka Poyry award – 1989 Jazz Musician of The year by Finnish Jazz Federation -1990 II-prize at international Jazz competition, RAI Rome, Italy -1991 Cultural Award of Satakunnan Kansa newspaper -1993 Jazzrecord of The Years (Perko -Pyysalo Poppoo) – 1994 Artist of the Year at Pori Jazz Festival -Juko-Pysalo Poppoo –Award for Perko -Ja-Ja-2001 Jazzrecord of The Record of The Year, Jukka Perko-Pysalo Poppoo

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