Julian Costello

Julian Costello, a musician, composer, and teacher based in London is Julian Costello. Trinity College of Music awarded him a scholarship. He also received a Postgraduate Certificate of Performance on the Saxophone. Julian composes the music for the Julian Costello Quartet and plays in several jazz big bands, including a vocal/cello/guitar trio called Perhaps Trio, and in a trio of world music called Vertigo with Tabla/Percussion and Oud/Guitar. He is proficient on a Conn Transitional Tenor Saxophone (1932) and a Selmer MK VI (67). That’s interesting. Let him know. The latest album from the Julian Costello Quartet, Transitions, was released on September 17, 2017 by 33 Jazz Records. It was recorded in Udine by Artesuono Studios and mixed and mastered by Stefano Amerio, an ECM engineer. The new quartet is lively, melodic, and full of humor. The group features Maciek Pysz, Yuri Goloubev/Michele Tacchi (guitar), and Adam Teixeira (drums). They have sold out venues in London and will be touring the UK this autumn. Check out these reviews. Vertigo features Julian on Soprano Sax and Stefanos Tsourelis playing Oud/Guitar. Adam Teixeira plays Tabla/Percussion. The two musicians play a fiery mix of World Music rhythms and colours, with an Western approach to improvisation. Julian is an active teacher, both in private and through Jazz-based workshops. Sammy Stein, a Jazz in Europe critic, wrote that “the CD’s tightness is what pervades.” This is a testament to how well-tuned the musicians are into each other’s playing, since Julian composed the music. Julian Costello is a saxophonist who tells his life’s stories with perfect tone changes to convey strength, humor, and sometimes even fragility. The other musicians intuitively adjust their stances except for their solo sections, when their inner nature comes out. It is a great album. Strong, tenacious and simply makes for a great listen. Julian lives in SW London with his family and tries to approach every day with humor. from www.juliancostello.co.uk

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