Julian Sartorius

Julian Sartorius’ life is defined by the beat. Born in Thun (Switzerland) in 1981, he started drum lessons when he was five years old. He continued his passion through marches, Michael Jackson and being a part of local underground bands. Sartorius’ rhythms push the boundaries of Hip-Hop, World Music and New Music. His music shows the infinite possibilities and range of the instrument. Sartorius often prepares his drums and uses unprocessed acoustic sounds to create a unique sound environment. Fabian Kuratli and Pierre Favre taught Julian Sartorius at the Jazz Schools of Bern and Lucerne. He has performed with Sophie Hunger, Jurg Halter, Jurg Halter, Merz, Jurg Helder, Dimlite and Rhys Chatham and has toured across Europe, South America and the USA. from http://everestrecords.ch

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