Jungsu Choi

Jungsu Choi is a composer, producer, and band leader. He has played many roles in music production, whether it be orchestra, big bands, or electronic music. He has had a remarkable musical career over the ten years he spent in Europe. He studied jazz composition, film music, and electro-acoustic guitar at Kingston University London and Vienna Conservatory. Many orchestras and large bands have heard his unique arrangements and compositions. He is a leader in teaching at Korea’s World Cyber College and has worked on modern dance, musical theatre, television spots, and TV. In 2011, he released his debut album with JUNGSU CHOI, a London-based jazz band. Jungsu Choi, a contemporary large jazz ensemble featuring some of Korea’s finest jazz musicians, has reassembled the JUNGSU CHOI TINTY ORKESTER. They perform with incredible skill, transporting Jungsu Choi’s extremely demanding music with skillful solo performances. Visit www.jungsuchoi.com

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