Justin Mitchell

British keyboard player Mitchell is a trumpet player . Mitchell, who was born in Britain, has been playing keyboards and trumpet in various Happy Accidents incarnations. Graham Flight, the Canterbury musical guru, is a veteran of The Wilde Flowers. This band had a number of luminaries like Hugh Hopper, Richard Sinclair and Kevin Ayers as it turned psychedelic in the 1960s. Mitchell’s work evokes Morning Star favorite Wyatt in many ways. Not only is it influenced by Wyatt’s instrumentation, but also the best way to make use of a limited working schedule. Mitchell says that he would love to have “real” drums and bass, but in the end things are what they are. He also believes that it is very fortunate to have something he looks forward to every morning. His Garden Of Earthly Delights, a collection of his humorous and poignant songs, is a great addition to the “Canterbury Scene” corpus. from https://morningstaronline.co.uk

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