Kadi Vija

Kadi Vija sings as an instrumentalist. Her unique singing style is influenced by instrumental music improvised music and flowing thoughts. Kadi’s music is a collection of observations about people, everyday life, and sounds. Her main goal is to discover what makes us different in a world full of similarity. Both as a singer and a person. Kadi Vija (b. Estonian-born Kadi Vija (b. Vija started her music education at Polva Music School when she was six years old, majoring in classical violin. She joined the E STuudio girls chorus at the same time. There she performed solo and toured Europe and the United States. Kadi Vija immigrated to Finland in 2005. After completing her music studies at the Palmgren Conservatory, Pori, she completed her Bachelor of Music at Metropolia University for Applied Studies in Helsinki. This hardworking singer is currently studying for her Master’s in Jazz Department at the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki. Kadi Vija received a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA in autumn 2009. She spent one year there. The talented singer is currently on a second student exchange at the Conservatory van Amsterdam in Holland. She believes in the advantages of international education and is a firm believer in them. Kadi Vija, a singer, is strongly focused on jazz improvisation. Kadi Vija considers herself more of an instrumentalist than a singer. She is fascinated by the interpretation of melodies, and how self-expression can be expressed without using words. From www.n1m.com

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