Kadri Voorand

Kadri Voorand, a jazz singer/composer, has won numerous prizes and performed internationally. Estonian Music Awards awarded her the Best Female Artist of 2017 and the Award of Best Jazz Album of 2017. She was awarded the Award of Best Jazz Musician by Danske Bank in 2015 at the Jazzkaar festival. She was also awarded a prominent Estonian Music Council Award in 2014. She was also awarded The Young Jazz Talent Award of the year 2008. She was also the soloist for the EBU European jazz Orchestra in Europe in 2012. She has performed her original music at many clubs and festivals in Europe, including in Ukraine, Finland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. She has recorded many albums with jazz musicians from Estonia and around the world, including Anthony Branker’s “Dance Music”, a modern jazz album in USA. She collaborates with many musicians and also leads her own quartet. Kadri Voorand, Estonian jazz singer and composer, uses her original expression and improvisational skills to create a broad range of contemporary jazz. While maintaining her roots with folk elements and her small group, she composes for estonian poetry or mixes contemporary harmonies with the rhythmics and latin.

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