Kahil El’zabar

Kahil El’Zabar, a renowned composer and percussionist, is widely regarded as one of the greatest jazz innovators of his generation. El’Zabar is indeed a “Renaissance Man”, with a musical style that flows from ancient Africa into the modern world. El’Zabar says that the spirit of an approach is more important than the technical. Music is not made with all the technical ability in the world if it doesn’t come from the heart. Ethnicity is the foundation of artistic evolution. He is well-versed in the music and history of his African American community. However, he has expanded his knowledge and incorporated African music and instrumentation to create a distinctive and engaging sound. His community has helped him to develop an African sensibility. “I was raised in an era when African Americans as a whole started to address our roots. There was something appealing about African drums. The way they played the instruments with their hands and the feeling that the whole body was involved is what appealed to me. El’Zabar is an accomplished musician who can play a wide range of instruments. El’Zabar is a musician with no limits. He has played alongside many jazz legends like Dizzy Gillespie, Cannonball Adderly and even designed clothes for Nina Simone. Kahil El’Zabar was born in Chicago on November 11, 1953. He was one of three children who grew up in South Side neighborhoods where he heard street music every day – doo wop, r

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