Kairos Sextet

Dafnis Priteto, MacArthur Fellow, presents Kairos Sextet. This all-star ensemble was created in the spirit of Dafnis’s groundbreaking group. The group’s debut performance, “Transition”, is a tribute to Dafnis and marks a pivotal moment in their history. The group evolved from a small group of outstanding individual musicians to a unique group with a shared vision and a singular voice under Prieto. All original material is included on the album, including Prieto’s composition “Triangles and Circles”, as it was arranged by his own sextet. The ensemble was originally formed at the Frost School of Music as the Dafnis Prieto Artist Prieto Ensemble. It performed original material and Prieto’s musical works. The group formed strong musical bonds and close relationships with their mentor and leader. In September 2016, the group was reorganized under the name Kairos Sextet. Kairos’s first commercial recording, Transition, was released in September 2016. Prieto was the executive producer. Kairos’s first multicity tour, which included performances in Miami, San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey, Los Angeles and Monterey, was the end of the studio session. Prieto also filmed a performance at The Blue Whale. Kairos features a few of Frost School of Music’s most prominent alumni: Tom Kelley on alto and soprano saxophones, a 2012-2013 Brubeck Fellow, and award-winning composer; Sam Neufeld on trumpet, winner of 2015 National Trumpet Competition – Jazz Division; Sean Johnson on tenor saxophones, the group’s leader and producer of Kairos’s first album; Nick Lamb, pianist and keyboardist; Jon Dadurka (Director College); and Johna winner of the Yamaha Young Performing Artists and winner of the recipient of 7 Downbeat Student Music Awards; and winner of the Yamaha Young Performing Artist Competition winner of the 2013 Yamaha Young Performing Artist Competition winner; and Johnathan Hulett was athan Hulett. From www.kairossextet.com

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