Kali Z. Fasteau (zusaan Kali Fasteau)

Jazz multi-instrumentalist, composer and musicologist. Born in Newark, New Jersey on 9 March 1947. Died in Monroe, NY 20 November 2020. Discogs Kali is a member of a musical family. Z. Fasteau was a cellist, pianist, and singer from her childhood in Paris and New York. She is a specialist in spontaneous composition and performs on the nai and shakuhachi flutes, voice and piano, as well as the drum set, viola and mizmar, soprano and sax, sanza and cello. After studying the music of Asia, Africa and 20th Century Europe, she traveled 14 years and lived in India, Turkey, Senegal and Senegal. She also spent time in France (3 years), Denmark (many years), Denmark and Switzerland. She has performed at music festivals, concerts and TV shows as well as in Greece, Haiti, Germany, Greece and Haiti. Kali. Z recorded 20 albums as a leader, 16 on Flying Note Records. Kali’s performing and recording associates were: Kidd Jordan and Archie Shepp; Rashied Ali and William Parker; Warren Smith and Michael Wimberly; L. Mixashawn Rozie, Jeanne Lee and Marilyn Mazur; Joseph Jarman and Joe McPhee; Hamid Drake and Bobby Few; Noah Howard and Sabir Mateen. Kali’s original compositions were performed by Kali’s ensemble at New York’s Town Hall and Lincoln Center.

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