Kandace Springs

Each year, a new singer emerges that is able to take in multiple musical influences and still sound fresh and unburdened from the past. Kandace Springs is one such artist. Kandace Springs, a Nashville-based singer/songwriter/pianist, is 27 years old. She cites Nina Simone and Nina Simone as her idols. However, as demonstrated by Soul Eyes, her full-length Blue Note Records album, Springs doesn’t imitate any of them. Springs instead allows her funny alto to be a channel that touches on soul, jazz, and pop while also transforming these influences into a personal sound that shines effortlessly. Springs states, “The greatest artists I have been inspired by sang so naturally.” Springs says that this helped her find her own sound. Springs’ journey to discover her uniqueness took time. Springs’ 2014 debut EP, entitled “The Self-titled”, had a very contemporary R.

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