Karin And Mike Kelleher

Mike Kelleher and Karin have been making music for more than three decades. One day they saw each other in a jam-packed freshman music theory class. They were too shy to speak. They became close friends later through music. Karin was a violinist in a string quartet, while Mike was a guitarist and sang “Yesterday” as part of a recital he had arranged and conducted of Beatles music. Although their paths did not cross, Karin left Cincinnati to pursue graduate violin studies and Mike flew to West Africa to join the Peace Corps, the love remained. Mike spent just hours before flying to Sierra Leone to send Karin one white rose. Mike found the receipt for the rose a decade later as he was unpacking from a long list of moves. Karin called him to check on her health. They met at a Chinese restaurant and got married 18 months later. They have been playing Mike’s songs and performing classical music together, as well as covering old favourites. They decided to record their own music last fall. This was a combination of Mike’s love for jazz and Karin’s love for classical music. Their album “Melange”, French for “mix”, is the result. Melange, which Mike composed, composed, and arranged, blends jazz and classical music and styles. It also features unique acoustic instrumentation such as a string quartet, double bass drums, guitars, oboes and vocals. Melange celebrates the inter-influences between jazz and classical composers. It also serves listeners who love both music genres. Mike and Karin settled in Washington, DC just before Mike started his White House stint (NY Times story here). Karin began playing with other orchestras and ensembles, and Karin joined the Annapolis Symphony (bio here). They currently live in Maryland, with their three daughters. They perform on the east coast regularly and are planning their next album. from www.kellehermusic.com/musi

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