In the late 1970s, fusionitis was a rapidly growing phenomenon that reached almost any musician with a few chops. One group that was influenced by Weather Report, Return to Forever and other jazz-rock bands of the time, Katamaran, a German jazz-rock band, were Katamaran. The group’s riffing rhythm section is based on the riffing drums and bass rhythm section. They play a variety of instruments, including flutes, soprano and electric pianos. Katamaran is hard to praise with so many European Fusion albums. However, one thing that could be said for it would be that it’s not a shredfest, with ample room for ensemble work to break the monotony of solo after single. Perigeo, a band that is quite similar to Katamaran’s, should be a good comparison. Katamaran is a classy and well-played band, but I have to admit that I would rather listen to at least a dozen albums with the same style. It’s a solid album that isn’t necessarily a standout. from http://gnosis2000.net

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