Keizo Inoue

1922 born in Osaka, Japan 1937 Start playing clarinet in the school band 1937 – 1945 Member of military army band 1945 – 1960 Performed in Iwakuni U.S. Airforce Base(Hiroshima Prefecture) 1945 – 1992 Performed as a member of Chugoku Hoso Orchestra. Taught at Hiroshima University and at Elizabeth Music College. Research in Free Jazz. 1975 First debut in Tokyo as professional jazz musician 1979 Relsease first major album, “Intimate” from Columbia Records With Kazumi Watanabe, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Akira Sakata. Go to U.S.A. for research and studies of Jazz music. Performed in Jazz Festival in Paris with Kent Carter, Oliver Johnson and Takashi Kako. 1981 Solo performance in Moers Jazz Festival, W. Germany Recorded and album with Paul Lovens and Gunther Christmann in Moers, which was released from Trio Records as “Keizo in Moers ’81”. 1981 – Performed with many artists both national and international, such as MitsutakaIshii(Dance performer), Tadao Sawai(Koto player), Kazuko Shiraishi(Poet) and jazz musicians, Yosuke Yamashita, Takashi Kako, Yoshisaburo Toyozumi and Steve Lacy. 1984 Performed with “Eastersia Orchestra” in Moers and other cities in Europe. Released the third album, ” Boys Be Ambitious” from Polydor Records. 1990 Nation wide broadcasting of TV documentary program, “Keizo, A Man Challenging Jazz” 1991 Member of “URBAN SAX” performance in Tokyo. Invited to perform in Jazz Festival in North Russia. 1992 Invited to perform in Jazz Festival in Vladiostock(East Russia). Performed with “BUTCH” Morris and Barre Phillips. 1996 Invited to perform in jazz tour in Dresden, Laiptiz, Berlin, Germany Japan tour with Lee Konitz 1997 suffered a cerebral infarction 1999 returned to the stage in a wheelchair and continued giving live concerts 3:42PM 1/15/2002 passed away by lung cancer from

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