Kekko Fornarelli

Kekko Fornarelli was conceived in Bari, Italy, in 1978. At the age 18 he began studying classical piano. He was first taught privately and then at the Conservatorio Piccinni, Bari. Fornarelli’s passion for jazz music began at the age of 18. He has been immersed in studying the instrument, its style and the music since then. This has taken him on a journey that has seen him travel the world and meet many artists. The record label Wide Sound released Fornarelli‚Äôs first album, Circular Thought in 2005. In 2005, he moved to France and spent three years studying his own music. He released his second album A French Man in New York in 2008, thanks to collaborations with Rosario Giuliani, Flavio Boltro, and Manhu Roche. The album was also distributed by Egea and released by Wide Sound. It was dedicated to and inspired by the French pianist Michel Petrucciani. Egea distributed his third album, Room of Mirrors in 2011, and AUAND Records released it. Room of Mirrors was inspired by Esbjornsson, a Swedish musician. Fornarelli created a video clip for Daily Jungle, one of his songs, to expand the jazz audience and promote his work. “Daily Jungle” was created during a video conference between Fornarelli and Gianlivio Liberty (drums), and Luca Bulgarelli and Luca Bulgarelli (double basse). The track is performed using everyday household items and furniture. Lorenzo Scaraggi directed and edited the video. His last work, “Monologue”, (2012) is a solo piano recital. It is a dialogue between Fornarelli’s instrument and Kekko. Every echo, loop, or refrain is a skirmish with Kekko and his keyboard, a conversation between his two voices. This is how I see the decision to leave behind double bass and drums in order to give all to the piano’s intensity. This year, it will be debuting in Dublin. Fornarelli has collaborated with renowned international artists such as Flavio Boltro and Michel Benita. Paolo Fresu said about him that “as long as there is music as open-minded as Kekko Fornarelli,” Kekko’s intimacy is built of rich melodies that evoke delicate forms of jazz but are translated by that special touch which makes him one of today’s most interesting young pianists.” [1] Room of mirrors Circular Thought 2005 (Wide Sound), A French Man in New York, 2008 (Wide Sound), Room of Mirrors, 2011, (Auand Records Paolo Fresu”, Booklet “A Frenchman in New York”, Wide Sound 2008 from Wikipedia

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