Kellylee Evans

Kellylee Evans, a rising Canadian star singer/songwriter, is a versatile performer whose natural charm, jazz vocal style and improvisational jazz voice have made her shine on her journey through jazz and soul and hip-hop in the past decade. She released two albums of original Canadian songs, was nominated for two Juno Awards (winning “Best Jazz Vocal Album for Nina”, her passionate tribute to Nina Simone), and performed all over the globe, opening for stars like John Legend, Dianne, Derek Trucks and George Benson. America is set to be stunned by her U.S. debut album on Motema Music (July 22, 2014), in which she brilliantly refreshes songs by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog and other hip-hop royalty Eminem and Dr. Dre. It’s not bad for a mother of 3 who performed live at Kennedy Center in 2004 and came 2nd in the Thelonious monk jazz competition. She was judged by Quincy Jones, Al Jarreau and Flora Purim. Kellylee, a strong-willed and motivated woman, embraced her dream of singing after the loss of her mother. She has not looked back. Kellylee was struck by lightning at her Canadian home last year. Her determination and unrelenting determination helped her overcome the incident. Kellylee did not cancel any dates despite being in great pain and unable walk for a while. Kellylee preferred to be assisted on stage. She performed admirably while sitting throughout her summer tour schedule. My mother instilled a great joie de vivre in me, and I can speak French quite well now. Music is one language, just like dance. When I’m on stage, I feel happy and want the audience to feel that joy. I always remind myself of how fortunate I am. This is still my dream, no matter if I’m performing at a small club or opening for Tony Bennett at a major festival. Kellylee’s dream is to launch her American career since she started singing. I Remember When will be her signature album, which showcases a rising artist and songwriter with an original voice. Her dynamic, modern and hip sound reminds one of other true originals from her generation like Amy Winehouse or Erykah Badu. Her incredible voice, vibrancy, and electrifying combination of musical styles from her generation and the past are captured in this album. It features a captivating mixture of jazz, soul and pop music, as well as hip-hop grooves that feel both modern and retro. Kellylee co-produced the album with Eric Legnini, a pianist and in-demand artist from Paris. She met Sebastien Vidal through her co-producer, who is a key programming director at France’s TSF Jazz radio station and the Paris jazz club Duc des Lombards. Kellylee says, “It’s fair that we can talk about a soul/jazz aesthetic because we all grew-up with the same music.” Our improvisational responses to the samples we use gives hip-hop a feel. And our originals are influenced by contemporary music. Eric has a huge collection of old soul records. Sebastien is an expert on jazz. He knows both what was happening in the past and what is currently being played. It was almost like we had turned on a time machine when we started this entire thing.” It was up to them to give meaning and body to this eclectic collection. I Remember When was originally recorded in Belgium, and is now released in France by Universal Music. It features 13 tracks, and 9 originals by Kellylee u0026 Legnini. The US version features three new tracks: “Built to Fly”, “One More Lover” or “Again.” Kellylee is introduced to the album with “My Name Is”, a memorable introduction. It was inspired by Eminem’s song “My Name Is” and his classic rap song, “Stan”, which dropped as the second single on July 1. It features a catchy baritone line that drives the song and sets her modern/retro/soul groove. The addictive melody of “Alors on Danse”, the international club hit of rising Belgian rapper Stromae forms the basis of the next track, “And So We Dance,” now available on iTunes as the first single of I Remember When. This song’s music video, which was directed by Thierry Theston (famous French director), is worth a look. Kellylee Evans, a Canadian singer with a successful career and growing fan base in France, is clearly set to succeed in America. from

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