Kenny Drew Jr

Kenny Drew, Jr., was born June 14, 1958, and is the son of Kenny Drew, a jazz pianist from America. His music is well-known for its hard-swinging bluesy sound, large rooty chords and fast runs. His style is similar to Oscar Peterson’s father. His first study was in classical music, which he did with his aunt. He became interested in jazz and popular music in his teens, but he initially worked in funk bands. He moved on to jazz piano, and won the Great American Jazz Piano Competition in Jacksonville, Florida in 1990. He continues to perform jazz but also does chamber music. Although his style is similar to his father’s, it is distinct enough to avoid any comparison. He is the more eclectic of both. From 1977 to 1978, Kenny was a student at Iona College in New Rochelle. He was a pianist with the Iona College Singers. This entertainment troupe promoted the College’s name, goodwill, and image among the Northeast region’s high schools, retirement homes, and other similar institutions. Wikipedia

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