Kick The Cat

Kick The Cat, a fusion group based in Chicago and Nashville is internationally known. The band’s music falls in the same virtuosic category as classic fusion and prog groups like Return to Forever or Weather Report, but it also draws on modern groove elements, electronics and a healthy dose humor. It is a mind-bending mix of harmonies and kaleidoscopic textures that results in a complex, but approachable, sound. In the late 1990s, the band was formed and performed each other’s challenging compositions. The four musicians were able to live together, work on their music, and also make a name for themselves in Chicago’s music scene. Kick The Cat has released three albums of original material over the past twenty years and has played hundreds of shows, opening for and headlining national acts like Umphrey’s McGee and Vital Information. KTC is a well-known ensemble that has been a part of Chicago’s diverse music scene. Kris Myers, the drummer of KTC, was a founding member. He performed on the two first albums. In 2003, he left the band after being recruited by Umphrey’s McGee. Tom Hipskind (Hamilton and Brian Culbertson) temporarily replaced him, but he has returned to the original lineup for the new album and shows. Chris Siebold, a guitarist and a prodigy who is highly sought after in Chicago, has performed with Howard Levy’s Prairie Home Companion and Garrison Keeler. Vijay Tellis Nayak, the keyboard player, has been a part of many great performances including Jennifer Hudson and Marcus Miller. He was also featured on KTC’s Scramble album in 2007 as Unsigned Artists of the Month. He is also the owner and producer of Chicago’s Transient sound recording studio. Bassist and multi-instrumentalist Chris Clemente is one of the most sought after musicians and educators in Chicago and has performed with many greats including Jon Secada, Randy Brecker, and Kanye West KTC’s new album Gurgle (due out June 2021) is a long awaited tour de force. The varied style of the album takes you from 70s-style Fusion to Rio’s Carnival to dub-step and RnB to Zappa and country. It also tells a story in a lighthearted, thoughtful, and charmingly irreverent way. Chris Clemente – Bass Kris Myers – Drums Chris Siebold – Guitar Vijay Tellis-Nayak – Keyboards from

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