Kiku Latte (cichla Temensis)

CICHLA TEMENSIS, a Japanese rock band, was founded in 2006 as an art rock trio with flute by Takumi KOKUBU (bass), Masahiko NUGUCHI (drums), Haruna FUKAZAWA(flute). Their 2008 album, “Another Triangle”, was released. The second album, “Affine Space”, was released the following year. Trieste Summer Rock Festival (2010) was a great venue, but they were forced to hibernate in 2012 after a sudden and unexpected turn of events. In 2016, Takumi invited Kazumi SUZUKI, an ex-NAIKAKU flute player, and Hiroyuki KATO, a guitarist. Finally, CICHLA TEMENSIS was revived. In 2019, their third album, “Fantasia”, was released under the following formation: Kazumi SUZUKI(flute), Yusuke AKIYAMA (keyboard), Shingo YOSHIDA [drums], Hiroyuki KATO (“guitar”) and Takumi KOKUBU (“bass”). They changed their moniker from KIKU LATTE to KIKU LATE in 2020.

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