Kind Of Bill

In tributes to the deceased, musicians and music lovers often pay tributes. Unfortunately, Bill Evans, the great Jazz pianist, has not been with us since September 15, 1981. His magic and notes are still very much alive, and this project aims to celebrate that aspect of his life: the everlasting existence of his message. Evans’ extraordinary talent and ideas are not to be denied. However, Evans needed special partners to create the wonderful sound that characterized him vision of music. People who, with their incredible musicality and sensibility, were able bring that vision to reality…to create the unforgettable and beautiful “Bill Evans Sound.” This tribute’s title, “KIND OF Bill”, is also the title of a Joe La Barbera composition. It perfectly describes the intentions of Dado Moroni’s project, who has always been devoted to Evans, Eddie Gomez, and Joe La Barbera. Gomez, La Barbera, who have greatly contributed to the music of Bill Evans over the years, infusing new life in the pianist’s ideas, are also being honored. The words “KIND OF BILL” don’t just include Bill’s compositions, but also songs that were created by Evans, as well as original songs written by Moroni, Gomez, and La Barbera. Ciao, Mr.Evans! from

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