Kirk Covington

Kirk Covington, a drummer, is best known for his work in the jazz fusion band Tribal Tech. He was born in Midland, Texas. He attended the University of North Texas College of Music, where he met Gary Willis, who he later joined Tribal Tech. Covington has recorded or performed with many other musicians, including Joe Zawinul and Robben Ford, Allan Holdsworth (Scott Henderson), John Humphrey, and Robben Ford. Covington was a three-piece touring with Scott Henderson, John Humphrey and bass player John Humphrey between 1998 and 2006. They recorded Well To The Bone in 2003, and a live album in 2005. Covington is still playing with Scott Kinsey (former Tribal Tech partner) and is part of the band VOLTO! Covington also plays keyboards. He formed his own trio in 2008, “CPT KIRK”, which he joined with Scott Tibbs and Rufus Philpot. from

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