Kirsti Huke

Kirsti Huke (born 6 March 1977 in Melhus, Norway) is a Norwegian singer, and composer, she was best recognized as lead singer for Norwegian doom metal/experimental band The 3rd and the Mortal in the final line-up. She is also known from collaborations with musicians such as Egil Kapstad, Erlend Skomsvoll, Tore Brunborg, Ola Kvernberg, Vigleik Storaas, Håvard Wiik, Håkon Mjåset Johansen, Erik Nylander and Steinar Raknes. She is the younger sister of the author Marte Huke. Huke got her education at Heimdal videregående skole (1993–96) og Jazz program at Trondheim Musikkonservatorium (1996–2001), wherere she work as Assistant Professor (2016). Her own Kirsti Huke Quartet (established in 1998) also included Håvard Wiik (piano), Håkon Mjåset Johansen (drums) and Steinar Raknes (bass). In 2002 Wiik and Johansen were replaced by Vigleik Storaas (piano) and Erik Nylander (drums). The K.H. Quartet has performed a varied standard repertoire at several jazz festivals, most recently at Nattjazz 2006 in Bergen, and released the album Deloo (2007), followed up by Kirsti Huke (2009) with critical acclaim. Worth mentioning is also the jazz Philharmonic interaction with Trondheim Symphony Orchestra and Egil Kapstad Quartet at “Trondheim Jazzfestival” 2001, arranged by Erlend Skomsvoll, where Håkon Mjåset Johansen plays the double bass. In 2006 Huke started as the lead singer of the indie pop rock band “-phy” (initiated in 1997) along with guitarist Petter Vågan, drummer Vigdis Sjelmo and bassist Ellen Ersfjord. The band launched the album Tree House in 2011. Huke has toured with Trondheim Voices, and contributed to the “Grand Telemark” with Wetle Holte and Espen Gundersen, “The 3rd and the Mortal”, Tom Steinar Lund’s “Diner” and Per Borten’s band “Moving Oos” with Siri Gjære, which released the album Peace & Love in 2007. from

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