Kjetil Jerve

Kjetil Jerve is my name. I was born in Alesund, Norway. My life was shaped by classical music and Elton John. I discovered improvised music later in my life. Now, I perform with my peers in jazz, techno and avantgarde music. This practice has a special quality that I treasure: people around the world seem to want the depth of experience and the desire to explore the unknown. This common analogy can be attributed to Tony Malaby and Jimmy Halperin, three saxophone musicians with whom I shared stages: John Butcher, John Butcher, and Jimmy Halperin. When I return to Oslo, I practice the standards. It’s always fascinating for me to see how jazz can absorb and assimilate such diverse cultures. I also bring my musical understanding to bear further attention. Visit www.kjetiljerve.com

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