Kjetil Møster

KJETIL TRAAVIK MSTER was born in Bergen, June 17, 1976. From the age of six, he played many instruments, including cornet, tuba and electric guitar. At age 14, he settled on electric bass and saxophone. He played electric bass in several rock bands, including Hesperus, a hardcore-metal group that played a lot of gigs around Bergen. The ALTO-SAXOPHONE was studied at Langhaugen’s music high school, where classical teachers were the main instructors. At the age of 18, switched to tenor and received a few lessons from KARL SEGLEM. Moster attended a jazz boarding college after high school. He spent the next few decades trying to pass the audition at TRONDHEIMJAZZ CONCERVATORY. In 1998, he was successful. He studied with JOHN PAUL INDERBERG, a saxophonist, and delved into different jazz-traditions from the 40’s to the 50’s and 60’s. Coltrane was already a major influence for a few years. This was only amplified when the trio “MOSTER”, formed with STEINAR KAKNES andTOR HAUGERUD. Long meditational extatic grooves were the key word. KING MIDAS was a rock band from Oslo that I became more involved with. I learned from their innovative use of studio equipment as well as their unorthodox views on the saxophone. Conservatory was the best place to experiment with the cross-section of jazz, improv, and rock. Extensive collaboration with bassist PER ZANUSSI was also initiated. He began frequent trips to Oslo to rehearse with ZANUSSI FIVE, as well as other musicians. Moving to Oslo in 2002. Getting into Oslo’s music scene. However, he still holds on to some of Trondheim’s most iconic bands, including THE CORE, MOSTER and GIBRISH. Three years in Oslo have produced the bands ZANUSSI FIVE and TRINITY. HAKJ, ULTRALYD AND CRIME ORCHESTRA has also been involved in co-operation with HAVARD WIIK. PAAL NILSSENLOVE, JONCHRISTENSEN, MATS EILERTSEN. FREDRIK LJUNGKVIST. Moster started a solo saxophone repertoire, performing concerts in Trondheim (sept/oct), Kongsberg Jazzfestival, Trondheim (july), KETIL GUTVIK/ot, BJORNAR HABBESTAD (july), BJORNAR HABBESTAD (july), BJORNAR HABBESTAD (b), BJORNAR HABBESTAD (july), and Trondheim (july), KETIL GUTVIKil GUTVIK), BJORNAR HABBESTAD KEIL GUTVIKil GUTVIKil GUTVIKil GUTVIKil GUTVIKil GUTVIKil GUTVIKIL GUTVIKil GUTVIKil GUTVIKil GUTVIKil GUTVIKil/oct/oct). from http://www.moester.no

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