Klaus Doldinger/passport

Klaus Doldinger, a German saxophonist was born 12 May 1936. He is well-known for his jazz music and as a composer. The 1997 Bavarian Film Awards (Honorary Award) awarded him. Doldinger was born in Berlin and entered the Dusseldorf conservatory to study clarinet and piano. He graduated in 1957. Doldinger began his professional career as a performer in 1953 with the German Dixieland band The Feetwarmers. He recorded with them in 1955. Oscar’s Trio was founded later that year, based on Oscar Peterson. He was a tenor-saxophonist in the 1960s, recording with his own music and working with jazz musicians from America. Doldinger is best known for his film score to the German U-boat film Das Boot (1981), and then The NeverEnding Story (1984). Inge Beck, Doldinger’s wife, married him in 1960. They have three children: Viola, Melanie, and Nicolas Doldinger. They have lived in Icking since 1968, a small Bavarian town south of Munich. Doldinger’s Jazz Band Passport (2008) Doldinger started Passport in 1971. It was then called “Klaus Doldinger’s Passport” and is still a huge success in Germany. It was often called the European version to Weather Report because of its influence. Members of Passport include Roberto DiGioia on guitar, Peter O’Mara on keyboards, Patrick Scales on bass, since 1994, Ernst Stroer (de.Ernst Stroer), Christian Lettner, drums, from 2000, Michael Hornek (keyboard, 2009), Biboul Darouiche, percussion, 1995, and others. Brian Auger (1973), Johnny Griffin (73), and Pete York (1973) were among the guests. Passport is a German jazz group led by Klaus Doldinger, saxophonist. Passport was founded in 1971 as an experimental jazz fusion group similar to Weather Report. In 1971, the ensemble released its first recording. It continued to issue albums throughout the 1970s, despite having a constantly changing membership. The group recorded for Warner Bros. Records and Atlantic Records throughout the 2000s. From Wikipedia

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