Kosuke Mine

Feng Hou Jie, Mine Kosuke: Japanese jazz and jazz-fusion pianist. Born in Tokyo on February 6, 1944. His debut album as a leader was released in 1970 by Three Blind Mice, a Japanese jazz label. (also TBM’s first release). To become a professional musician with the Blue Seven in 1962, he left his clarinet class at high school. He was a member Masabumi’s quintet in 1969 and released Morning Tide, his first album. After studying in the USA during the seventies, he returned to Japan in 1975, regaining his interest in fusion and recording Sunshower, among other records, as a founding member in Native Son. He recorded with many jazz musicians including Mal Waldron and Gil Evans. Recently, he recorded with a standard quintet as well as with MasahikoTogashI’s J.J. Spirits. In Groups: Kosuke Mine Quartet, Mine Kosuke Quintet, Kohske Mine, Native Son, Four Sounds

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