Krystyna Stańko

KRYSTYNA STANKO is a vocalist with a distinctive, soulful voice that can be used in many musical genres. Composer, songwriter, guitarist, teacher. Krystyna graduated from the Jazz and Contemporary Music Academy Katowice. Krystyna was a member of the Krakow-based blues band “Dekiel”, with whom she performed at the Rawa Blues Festival in Germany. She formed her own band with four other women, “For Dee”, during her studies. She was the guitarist, vocalist, and wrote the music and lyrics. Her idea of a female band was a huge success, and she won the main prize at Krakow’s Student Song Festival. Krystyna Jantar was awarded the Anna Jantar Prize and the special prize (‘oni’ – dedicated aids patients) for her participation in Opole’s debuts category. Jowita Tabaszewska was her partner in DeeIn 1995. She recorded the album “Kobiety”, which included 12 songs written by Krystyna. They were highly rated by Mark Niedzwiecki and some of them were broadcast on television and radio. 1996 saw ‘For Dee” as a guest on a concert tour that included ‘Various Manx’, which was about 20 concerts in Poland. All activities have been discontinued by ‘For Dee since September 1998. After a two-year break, Krystyna and Olo Walicki founded “(0-58″)”, a Jazz band whose primary goal was to create and perform their own music at concerts. The musicians recorded the album “Do_dziesieciu”, which received the Fryderyki Award 2001 for Best Jazz Album. They presented their project in Germany, Sweden, Russia and Romania (as well as abroad). The group released another album, ‘Tryby’ in 2003. It featured music by Maciej Gruzywacz with lyrics by Krystyna Stanko. It was received with high interest, and was nominated for the frederyki award. The Group has performed at several festivals including the Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, Sibiu and the Policka Jazz Fest. Krystyna Stanko has been collaborating with many artists, including Jacek Kochan and Dominik Bukowski. Krystyna Stanko invited Hernan Romero, a New York-based flamenco guitarist, to create the project “Slavic Soul, Hot Flamenco”. The project has received positive reviews and played a few shows, including at the Bohema Jazz Festival, Jazz, and in Gdynia. Krystyna composes and records original compositions, which often have a Jazzy or Bluesy flavor. Krystyna is an instructor for vocals at the Music Academy in Gdansk. Krystyna and the choir ‘Cartusia,’ recorded the song “Oni” in connection to the world day against Aids. The single was released. Warner released her song ‘Moj Drogi Panie,’ in February 2008. Juliusz Machulski selected Krystyna’s song “Sobie Sami” for his motion picture, ‘Ile Wazy Kon Trojanski’. She released another album in December 2008, which was issued by Radio Agency. It contained the singles Nikt Poza Nami (chillout café – M. Niedzwiecki), and Moj Drogi Pantie’. The album received great reviews and was nominated to win the ‘Superjedynki Award’. She released Secretly, her personal tribute to Peter Gabriel in November 2010. It features Jazz arrangements of his compositions. The record features outstanding instrumentalists, including Dominik Bukowski and Piotr Lemanczyk as well as Marcin Gawdzis, Marcin Gawdzis, Irek Wojtczak and Irek Wojtczak. The material was recorded at Studio RG and produced by P

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