Lafayette Harris Jr

Lafayette Harris, Jr., a jazz pianist, arranger, composer, is one of the most respected touring and session musicians in the world. His rhythmic energy and harmonic depth are unmatched. Although he doesn’t usually engage in flashy lines or fast-paced tempos, he displays fine, even elegant, phrasing and passion. He also has a deep knowledge of jazz, the classic pop repertoire and intimate acquaintance with soul and Funk. He is a favorite pianist for many musicians, including Max Roach, Ernestine Anderson and Roswell Rudd. His 1995 debut album Lafayette Is Here was released on Muse to great critical acclaim. The pianist made his Broadway debut in 1996. He performed and directed the hit song Bring in Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk. Harris founded his Airmen label in 1997. In 1998, he released Lafayette Is Here Solo. Cadence Magazine voted it one of the top recordings of the year. Roach became his acquaintance when they worked together with the Abyssinian Christian Church Choir in 1997. They worked together until 2005, when Roach began his relationship with Roswell Rudd. Harris’ 2006 album, In the Middle of the Night was a highly acclaimed venture into contemporary jazz and funk. Due to Harris’ busy schedule, 2008’s Trio Talk was his last performance as a leader before 2015’s Bend to the Light featuring Lonnie Plaxico u0026 Willie Jones III. 2016’s Hangin’ with the Big Boys featured Person, whose quartet Jazzmeia Horn had just joined. Harris’ debut album, You Can’t Lose with the Blues (Savant), was released in 2020. Harris was born in Baltimore in 1963. Harris began his musical journey with private lessons and church music. He was already playing in local bands that covered the best R songs by the time he was high school.

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