Lajos Dudás

LAJOS DUDAS was a Budapest-born musician who studied at the Bela Bartok Conservatory as well as the Franz Liszt Academy of Music. He has a long and successful career in jazz and pop/rock music, but also in classical music (Strawinsky, Three Solopieces, Weber, Clarinet Quintet, Glazunow, Concerto for Altosax ). His ability to blend bop nuances and folk music with contemporary classical and avantgarde is what makes him so unique. He can swing “free and easy” or improvise in shimmering tone colors. “…Dudas effortlessly mixes jazz elements with classical elements in a way that makes it impossible to tell what …” BERNARD STEPIE of Radio Carleton/Ottawa is. His entry URBAN BLUES at the 11 received wide recognition. Competition for Jazz Compositions, Monaco 1982. He was a regular participant in the ‘Top People Poll,’ the international JAZZ FORUM. The South German Clarinetist is one of the most innovative figures in European Jazz. ARTIE SHAW said it best: “Lajos DUDAS is a first-rate clarinetist. His playing is extremely high.” The sound is ethereal and inviting. Let it take you …… LAJOS Dudas DUO/TRIO/ QUARTET. Constant members: Philipp van Endert guitar (11CDs). Martin Gjakonowski(3), Leonard Jones (2) bass, Kurt Billker drums (2LPs and 9CDs), Jochen Yettner percussion (3 )…… The new CD JAZZ ON STAGE has just been released on JazzSick Records …….

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