Larisa Dolina

Larisa Aeksandrovna Donlina (Russian: Larisa Alikandrovna Dolina) (nee Kudelman; first married surname Mionchinskaya, 10 September 1955, Baku, Azerbaijan SSR USSR) is an Azerbaijani-born Russian (former Soviet), jazz and pop singer, and actress. In 2005, she was presented with the Order of Honour. Dolina was born in Baku on September 10, 1955 to Aleksandr Markovich Kudelman who was a contractor and Galina Izrailevna Kudelman (nee Dolina). Dolina was three years old when her family moved to Odessa. She began studying cello at a music school when she was six years old. Dolina began her musical career in 1971 with the performance group “My Odessity”, (We Are Odessa Natives). The “State Performing Orchestra of Armenia”, “State Performing Orchestra of Azerbaijan”, “State Performing Orchestra of Azerbaijan”, “State Performing Orchestra of Azerbaijan”, “State Practicing Orchestra of Azerbaijan”, “Sovremennik”, and “Contemporary” were her roles. Dolina and Weyland Rodd performed together in 1981 as part of the “Anthology jazz vocals” tour. Dolina sang the song “Tri belyh konya”, which is the three-white horses, for the soundtrack to the 1982 film Charodei (Magicians). She sang in “Istoriya doktora Fausta”, a musical about the life of Dr Faust, in 1984. Dolina started a solo career working with Viktor Reznikov, a Leningrad-based composer. Dolina began producing her own concerts, including “Zatyazhnoy Pryzhok”, “Kontrasty”, “Kontrasty,” “L’dinka,” and “Malen’kaya Zhenschina”. Dolina was the leading role in the 1990 rock opera “Giordano”, opposite Valery Leontiev. Dolina performed before 20,000 people in 1991 at Radio Prestige, La Rochelle, France. In the same year, Dolina was awarded “Best Female Singer” prize at “Profi”, an annual Russian competition. She was named Honored Artist of Russia in 1993. She was nominated for the category of “best female rock singer” at the 1994 all-Russian competition in Yalta. In 1994 she won the “Crystal Dolphin” prize. She created “Ya nuravlus’ sebye”, a concert program that she called “I don’t like me” in 1995. It toured in Baku and other European cities as well as the United States. She won the “Ovation”, this time in the category of “best female pop artist”. Dolina was an actress in “Barkhatniy sezon”, “My iz dzhaza”, “Velvet seasons”, “Ostrov pogibshih korabley”, “Islandof sunken ships” and “Suvenir dliaprokurora” (“A souvenir for prosecutor”) More than 70 animated and live-action films have featured her songs. Dolina was a member of the political party Edinaya Rossiya in 2003. Dolina performed several George Gershwin compositions in 2007 at the Gershwin Gala, Tchaikovsky Conservatory. She played many roles in “Lyubov and shpionazh”, a musical that was specifically written for her, in 2010. Dolina performed “Summertime”, and “Wonder where you are” at Crocus City Hall’s concert dedicated to Al Jarreau’s songs in February 2011. These songs are part of Dolina‚Äôs new album, “Hollywood Mood”. At the “Novaya Volna (New Wave) competition, July 2011, she followed up with a performance of Tina Turner’s “Private Dancer”. Dolina presented a new concert program called “Sny extraverta”, (Dreams of an extrovert), in Kirov later in the year. She spent much 2012 touring the new concert and resuming her role as Lyubov and shpionazh. Dolina was invited to perform the national anthems from Canada and Russia at a televised hockey match in Red Square, marking the 40th anniversary of the 1972 rivalry. Dolina later toured the United States giving concerts in New York, Las Vegas and Boston. Wikipedia

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