Larry Ochs

Larry Ochs, a saxophonist, was born in N.Y.C. In 1949. He studied the trumpet briefly, but he was most proficient on the sopranino and tenor saxophones. Ochs also has experience in musical production. He founded Metalanguage Records in 1978 and ran the Twelve Stars Studio in northern California. Ochs was a co-founder of the internationally acclaimed saxophone quartet Rova. He has also received Meet the Composer grants across the U.S., as well as commissions from various programs in the ’80s to ’90s (including the Antwerpen ’93 year-long festival). Ochs composed the music for Leslie Scalapino’s play Goya’s L.A. (1994), and Letters Not About Love (1998), which won the South by Southwest Film Festival’s Best Documentary Film Award. Ochs was also a founding member the Glenn Spearman Double Trio, (Black Saint), and is now a member the new music trio Room. He is still active in Rova and also plays in What We Live. This trio released three albums before the end of 1990. Ochs founded his Saxophone.

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