Lauren Kinhan

Lauren Kinhan, a vocalist and composer, has been creating genre-mixing music for many years. This is evident on her CDs Avalon (E One 2010, Hardly Blinking 2000) and her contributions to New York Voices recordings. Her musical ideas break down the boundaries of jazz, pop, and everything else. Instead, she offers a unique experience that is led by an experienced creative mind. Legendary Phil Ramone described Lauren as a true songtress. “She is musical and lyrical and really delivers vocally.” Lauren’s training in jazz and deep connection with soul music have given her a voice that is fearless and expressive. Her love for prose keeps her thinking of new ways to take her listeners on exciting adventures. Christopher Loudon, Jazz Times, says that “sweet surprises lie around every corner… shaping a pastiche which is hip, intelligent, and vibrant.” She is currently producing her third solo CD, Circle in a Square. This is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign. To produce the record, she has teamed up with Elliot Scheiner from Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan and Fleetwood Mac. The recording features the incredible talents of Ben Wittman (drums), Andy Ezrin(piano), Dave Finck [bass]) and Will Lee (“bass”) for the underbelly. Special guests include Gil Goldstein and Donny McAslin. This collection contains her original songs, with many stories and moods. Fine artists have been commissioned to illustrate some of the songs in the packaging and book of lead sheets. These artists come from her immediate circle and family. They are there to celebrate the influence of visionaries on her creative life. The goal is to release a tentative summer 2013 album. Lauren has been part of the Grammy-winning New York Voices since 1992. This has allowed her to travel the world with her career, which has seen her work alongside some of the music’s greatest artists like Annie Ross, Bobby McFerrin and Jon Hendricks. NYV celebrates their 25th anniversary in 2013 with three new projects: New York Voices Live At the Java Jazz Festival (DVD), and New York Voices.

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