Lauren Newton

Born in Coos Bay in Oregon, U.S.A., she received a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Oregon in 1975 and a Vocal Performance degree from the School of Music Stuttgart in 1977. She has performed music from the 20th century as well as pieces written for her by A. Holszky and B.Konrad, W.Dauners, H.J.Hesposs, H.Zerbe, and other composers. From 1979 to 1990, she was a singer in the “Vienna Art Orchestra”, 20 LPs/CDs. In 1983, her first solo album “Timbre”, which won the German Critics Award, was released as a CD with the title “Filigree” in 1998. Vocal Summit, B.McFerrin and J. Lee recorded CDs with them. She composed music for the Freiburg Theater, Germany, and Burg Theater, Vienna, Austria for radio-plays (german and swiss radios), and also for film, acting, and singing in all three. From 1983 to 1999, she performed with Ernst Jandl, an austrian poet. She has been performing with “Timbre” since 1990 with Joelle Leandre (b), Fritz Hauser(dr), Urs Leimgrubers(s), Heiri Kanzigs,(b). Diverse music projects, concerts and radio recordings with Jon Rose (v/comp), Hannes Zeber (p/comp), Patrick Scheyder(p), Vladimir Tarasov(dr), Joachim Kuehn (p), Aki Takase (p), and Anthony Braxton(sax/fl/comp), as well as the European Chaos String Quintet and performances with Koho Mori. She has performed solo in various performance art projects, as well as with other dancers. She has been traveling extensively since 1974 with various groups, performing at many of the most prestigious music festivals in Europe and Russia, USA, Canada, and parts of Africa. She continues to sing in Japan, singing in concert and recording with various japanese singers. She lives in Germany since 1974. from

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