Laurent Coq

Laurent Coq was conceived in Marseille on February 22, 1970. He is the youngest of five brothers and grew up in Aix-en-Provence. He started studying piano at age 7. He began studying piano at age 7. He was awarded First Prize in 1988 and moved to Paris, where he registered at C.I.M, which was then the top jazz school in France. He studied with Emmanuel Bex and met Jules Bikoko bi Njami, a bass player and drummer. Together they formed the Ad For Tri Trio. He had many experiences from 1989 to 1994. He played in alto saxophonist Patrick Bocquel’s Quintet, a band that made quite an impact in winning numerous competitions, one of which the CRPLF (French-as-a-first-language National Radios), led to the recording of Radio Days. Oriol Bordas, vibraphone player, also participated in his band, Paris Barcelona Swing Connection. One of the performances was a tour through France with American Saxophonist Frank Wess (Vienne, 1993). His collaboration with Marcel Kanche, a singer with whom he toured Europe (Barclay), is also noteworthy. He was granted a grant by the French Government in 1994 for six months in New York. Mulgrew Miller and John Hicks were his piano teachers, but Bruce Barth was his mentor and true friend. Laurent returned to Paris and turned this valuable experience into a Quartet, which included his old friends Jules Bikoko bi Njami, Daniel Garcia Bruno, and Jean-Christophe Beney, a young tenor. Alain Beigel was the first actor/director to sign his film score. Il ya des journees qu’on leur casse gueule was awarded the First Prize at Meudon Short Films Festival and the Grand Prix at 1997 Metz Festival. The quartet recorded their first album in New York as the leader in February 1997. Bruce Barth was the artistic producer, and David Baker managed the recording sessions. The album will be released by the prestigious German label Enja thanks to Bruce. Jaywalker was a huge success with critics and has been maintained as a public figure. Laurent Coq met Laurence Allison a few years before and they began to work together on Duke Ellington’s repertoire. They recorded Soul Calls in 1997 with a two-saxophone sextet. After six years of being complicit, Daniel Garcia Bruno decided to dedicate himself to other projects. Philippe Soirat assumed the role as leader’s drums. After two years of hard work, a new repertoire will emerge that is still heavily influenced by New York’s scene and with a distinctive sound. Laurent Coq was pursuing a close collaboration with Laurence Allison, taking a new approach to Bud Powell’s music and Thelonious monk’s movie worlds. 1997 was incredibly intense. Laurent Benegui signed Laurent’s Mauvais Genre and J’irai au parad car l’enfer este ici film scores with guitarist player and composer Benjamin Raffaelli. Laurent and Benjamin again met on Mille Bornes, Alain Beigel 1998. Laurent Coq recorded two albums in New York in 1999: Versatile with his own band and Bruce Baker as sound engineer. Laurence Allison was also involved with Thelonious.

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