Lewis Porter

Lewis Porter (Lewisporter.com), a long-standing jazz educator (Ph.D. from Brandeis in music) and author many books, including the most famous volume on John Coltrane. He is also a prolific jazz keyboardist, composer, and pianist. He is known for his open and free attitude that allows him to contribute to all types of musical situations. Dr. Porter has performed in concert with many masters, including Ravi Coltrane and Judi Silvano with Joe Lovano. Dharmajazz.net has him as a regular member the Indian-influenced quartet Dharma Jazz (Badal Roy). Dave Liebman performed his three-movement concerto with orchestra and saxophone at Harvard on April 19, 2012. It is now available on youtube. Three CDs were recorded by him for Altrisuoni-Second Voyage (live in Italy), Italian Encounter (duets) and Transformation (duets). He also appears on Dharma Jazz CD Just Four, the duo CD featuring clarinetist and NJIT Professor David Rothenberg and the Liebman/Marc Ribot quintette CD (Enja, Fall 2012. Porter has been called “a helluva pianist” by jazz critics (Jazz Times). “He mixes experimental and traditional, [he] plays up to a storm.” (Midwest Record). “Porter’s a deep thinker.” Swing Journal. His music is “based upon depth and cunning uses of space.” (ejazznews.com). In 1996, Porter was nominated to a liner-note Grammy. You can follow his occasional blog of his new jazz research here: https://www.wbgo.org/blog/category/20877 from http://jazzma.newark.rutgers.edu

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