Lisa B (lisa Bernstein)

Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein), a jazz singer and songwriter, performs originals and standards. She often mixes her spoken poetry with it. Critics have praised her ability to innovate (“an originator,” “daring and deft”) as well as her gift for interpretation (“mesmerizing,” “a beautiful voice,” “makes lyrics sound like truth,” and “makes lyrics sounds like truth,”). Lisa B has always loved jazz and poetry. Her mother was a poet, and her father was an avid fan of avant-garde music. He had many jazz musicians among his friends. Jackie McLean was a close friend of Lisa B’s and Lisa B recalls sitting on Elvin Jones’ lap at a family party. Her parents hired the Art Ensemble of Chicago to perform at their neighborhood elementary school in the mid-sixties. Lisa B was a classical pianist as a child and was also a keen student of jazz music – her parents were big fans of John Coltrane and Carmen McRae.

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