Lisa Wahlandt

Born in Bavaria/Germany forty-plus years ago. She was raised on her family’s little farm. First musical impressions: Daddy’s accordion and family sing-alongs. Radio charts. Teenager gigs with high school bands. After graduation, a day job as a secretary. 1992-1994 Success at the Bruckner Conservatory, Linz, Austria. Beginning of a professional singing career 1994 Grant from the New School of Music, New York TV. With Joni Heine (guitar), they appear in the series Masters of Tomorrow 1996. Joins the quintet Mind Games. Claudio Roditi, a Brazilian trumpet player, releases Mind Games Live. The group has performed concerts with various guest stars, including William Galison and Leo Traversa. Musical stints with Jesus Christ Superstar and Rocky Horror Picture Show. 1997/98 Studio work on movie and television productions. The most notable song is The Nanny’s title song in the German version. As a guest singer and backup singer for various CD’s. 1999 Bossa Nova CD Mind Games features the music of Stan Getz, and Astrud Gilberto. It is the first place on the Jazz charts in Singapore 2000 CD Gute Nacht Lieder (Good Night Songs) and features a beautiful Martin Kalberer playing almost all instruments, as well Evelyn Huber, who plays »Harfe. 2002 Newcomer Award of Suddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s leading daily newspaper. CD Bossa Nova Affair with Mulo Francel (Quadro Nuevo 2003) Teaching assignment for Jazz singing, Richard Strauss Conservatory Munich CD Marlene. Songs by Marlene Dietrich featuring a drum’n bas chanson flair and the wonderful musicians Walter Lang and Christian Diener. Portrait of Lisa in Bavarian Television 2004 Invitation to Singapore. Two concerts with Mulo at the city’s largest auditorium. Invited to return in 2005 2008 CD. Brisa do Mar (Quadro Nuevo). 2010 CD: »Stay awhile wit Gerwin Eishauer, Walter Lang, and Sven Faller. Took us seven years to make a CD again and now we’re so glad… (Thank you Enja/Yellowbird Records) 2012 CD: »Wowowonder« yes, we did it again… with Gerwin Eisenhauer, Walter Lang, Sven Fallernand Enja/Yellowbird Records from

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