Livio Minafra

Graduate in Classical Piano, Orchestration For Banda, and Jazz at Piccinni Conservatory, Bari, Italy. Livio was awarded the “Top Jazz” prize for Italy in 2005, 2008, and 2011. He performs solo or with his quartet. He has also performed with many notable groups such as the MinAfric Orchestra and Municipale Balcanica. Louis Moholo and Keith Tippetts, Marko Markovic and Bobby McFerrin, Marko Markovic and Sergej Kuryokhin were among other notable collaborations. Lucilla Galeazzi and Michele Lomuto were also involved in these important collaborations. He is just 33 years old and has performed and toured all continents. He has also recorded for Raitrade and Ed. Il Manifesto (Italy), Stradivarius and Incipit (Germany), Leo Records (UK) and Leo Records (Germany). He has released two piano solo albums (Leo Records and Enja Records): ‘La Dolcezza del Grido’ and ‘La Fiamma e il Cristallo’ (Enja Records), as well as leading the Livio Minafra4et, titled ‘Surprise! !’ (Enja Records). Livio teaches Jazz Piano at Bari Conservatory. Visit

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