Lloyd Brevett

Lloyd Brevett, OD (August 1931 – May 2012), was a Jamaican double bassesist, songwriter and founding member of The Skatalites. He was a rastafarian and a brother to Tony Brevett, a member of The Melodians. Brevett was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He was a founding member of The Skatalites in 1964. He toured the world with The Skatalites and produced two Skatalites albums, African Roots (1975), and The Legendary Skatalites (76). He once said that “Ska was our kind of music that could lift youth and make Jamaica famous around the globe.” Brevett received the Order of Distinction from the Jamaican government, in 1981. He also received the silver Musgrave Medal, in October 2010. From the time of the Skatalites’ reunion, he toured with them and recorded until 2004, when he was forced to leave the band due to conflicts with younger members. Brevett briefly toured with his own band before retiring to Jamaica in 2005. Brevett, who was 80, died in St. Andrews Memorial Hospital, Jamaica on 3 May 2012. He had suffered a stroke two weeks prior to the death of Okine, his only child. From Wikipedia, he was buried in May Pen Cemetery.

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