Loek Dikker

Loek Dikker, a Dutch composer, pianist, and conductor was born in Amsterdam. These roles have been performed on film and stage, including modern dance, ballet, and the symphony orchestra. He has toured the U.S.A., Canada and other countries with his jazz group “The Waterland Ensemble”. He wrote his first film score in 1981. It was the beginning of a long and successful career as a music director, music supervisor, music editor and music producer for cinema. Paul Verhoeven directed “The Fourth Man” and awarded him the Prize for the Best Dutch Film Score in 1983. He was also recognized internationally for his contribution to “The Fourth Man”. He has been writing for film ever since, both in Europe and Hollywood. Joel Schumacher and Mark Levinson, Aaron Spelling and Frank Mancuso Jr. were the producers. He has worked with directors like Paul Verhoeven and Matthew Chapman on “Pascali’s Island”, James Dearden (also scriptwriter for “Fatal Attraction”) and Eric Red on films featuring Johnny Depp and Robert Redford. He was presented with “The Golden Calf”, the Dutch “Oscar”, in september 1990 for his contributions to filmmusic. In March 1992, he received the Los Angeles “The Saturn Award”, for his score for Paramount Production “Body Parts”. Loek immigrated to California in 1994. He returned to Europe in 1994 and split his professional activities between Berlin, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam. In 1999 he wrote the music for Peter Delpeut’s newly arranged “silent-movie-with-live-symphony” project “Diva Dolorosa” which was shown in Amsterdam, Ghent and Rome. He met Margaretha von Trotta in 2002, and together they composed music for her film “Rosenstrasse”, premiered at the Filmfestival of Venice in 2003. Loek had already composed the music to Laurens Straub’s film “Fuhrer Ex”, which was also invited to the 2002 Venetian Filmfestival competition. Loek was awarded the Best European Filmmusic Award in Italy for the music for “Rosenstrasse” at the Ravello/Amalfi Festival. Loek’s arrangements for the symphony orchestra of “Der junge Beethoven”, a film produced by Michael Meert and released in 2007 were well received by both the Beethoven house experts in Bonn. Loek’s score for “Wolfsbergen”, a film by Nanouk Leopold, was a continuation of his contributions to Dutch cinema. Loek continues to play piano jazz concerts with his Waterland Trio u0026 Waterland Sextet, as well as writing new music for concert stages, such as “Songs, Songs, Dances” (2006) for Harp, String Quartet, and “Legends” for Clarinet u0026 String Quartet, which he was commissioned by the “Travelling Music Ensemble”. He also composes music for theater, film, and dance. from http://www.loekdikker.nl

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