Lorenz Kellhuber

Lorenz Kellhuber has been described as an exceptional instrumentalist, composer, and improviser. He was the first German musician to win the famed Parmigiani Montreux Jazz Piano Solo Competition by Monty Alexander in 2014. Lorenz received the Jazz ECHO nomination as “Newcomer to the Year” in 2016. After four albums as a trio, Lorenz’s first solo album, “Live At the Montreux Jazz Festival”, was released in October 2017. He performed numerous concerts throughout Europe, the US, and South America. He was a regular at many festivals, including Montreux Jazz Festival Basel and Jazz Festival Basel. Lorenz has worked with many musicians, including Eric Harland and Charles Lloyd, Al Porcino, T.S. Monk, Ed Partyka, and Ack van Royen. He creates an unique soundscape for his audience from the very first note. This is true whether he’s performing solo or as a bandleader. He is a modern artist because he combines jazz elements with blues, gospel, classical, and ambient music. His inventiveness is unmatched by his technical proficiency and artistic maturity. from www.lorenzkellhuber.com

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